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"All over our country veterans of the Australian Defence Force have taken their lives after returning to Australia from active operations or leaving the defence force feeling they have little direction in their civilian lives."

V360 Australia Ltd. is a registered charity established in October 2015 with the aim of conducting assertive outreach, raising awareness and providing ongoing support for homeless veterans throughout Australia. Our outreach operators work Australia-wide and comprise a team of experienced people who are both veterans and civilian. When anyone is referred to us an immediate process of triage is undertaken. Most referrals are actioned within hours.

On any one night it is estimated that around 3,000 Australian Defence Force veterans are sleeping in conditions that are classified by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as homeless. (Thomas Goodall & Associates Report, 2009)

Veterans 360 Australia are an assertive organisation. They respond immediately to referrals and actively look for veterans all around Australia who are living rough or otherwise experiencing homelessness. Their aim is to reach out to and connect with these veterans – in person – as soon as possible after identifying they are in need of immediate assistance.

V360 receive referrals from a variety of sources including the Department for Veterans’ Affairs, hospitals and mental health professionals, civilian homelessness agencies and ex-service organisations. Families and peer groups are also a regular referral source.

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Support Homeless Veterans


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