Probably the most well known and most popular of all 38 Bach Flower remedies. It is a composite remedy, but sells as a single one. Very popular and very useful, it is comforting and reassuring when shocked, anguished, upset, fearful, unable to cope etc. Suitable for all ages and also for animals.


Rescue Remedy combines these five Bach Flower Remedies and can be used to help you cope with immediate everyday situations such as going to the dentist, interviews, making a complaint or wedding day nerves. It can also help in times of crisis or trauma such as bereavement, a relationship breakdown or redundancy.


It is suitable and safe to use for all ages. It is also ideal for animals in times of shock, stress or trauma.



  • 4 drops in water and sip at intervals, or 4 drops on the tongue.
  • Alternatively add to 30mL mixing bottle containing still spring water and take 4 drops a minimum of 4 times a day.


STOCK BOTTLE - this is the original, branded Bach Flower product (yellow label).

Rescue Remedy, 10ml

  • "Dr Bach created an emergency combination containing five flower remedies... It was created by Dr Bach as an emergency combination of 5 Bach Flower Remedies:


    Star of Bethlehem - Shock (physical, mental or emotional)
    Rock Rose - Terror or panic
    Clematis - Inattention, vague
    Cherry Plum - Fear of losing control
    Impatiens - Impatience and irritability

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