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Of all the oils that need to be organic to be of high quality, the citrus family is the leader as many chemicals are stored in the peel. The scent of this oil in household products and diffusers is known to uplift and rejuvenate.


History: In Spain and other European countries, lemon is something of a ‘cure-all’, especially with regard to infectious illness. It was used for fever such as malaria and typhoid and employed
specifically for scurvy on English ships at sea.

One of the most important properties of Lemon oil is its ability to stimulate the white corpuscles
that defend the body against infection. This is of great value both in the treatment of
external wounds and in the infectious illnesses. It is a haemostatic oil, helping to stop bleeding.
It is an astringent and has the ability to counteract acidity in the body.



Lemon EO is able to accelerate the production of white blood cells, strengthen the immune system, and help in the digestion processes [1].


The main constituents of lemon EO have demonstrated antiseptic, astringent, and detoxifying properties for blemishes associated with oily skin [2]


A 10 month study showed that Lemon EO inhalation significantly lowered relieved nausea and vomiting in pregnant women [3]


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Lemon, Organic 10ml

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