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Pranarōm AROMAVITA are 100% pure and natural chemotyped essential oil blends, destined to be mixed with a Pranarōm vegetable oil of your choice and applied topically by gently massaging.

Pranarōm has developed these blends based on their knowledge of essential oils.



Used in aromatherapy to help relieve colds and cough.


Most winter ENT infections are caused by viruses, which are more resistant to low temperatures than bacteria. Influenza, the common cold, and sore throats are quite common during this season. Also, their viral origins mean that conventional medicine is highly limited in their treatment, focusing on their symptoms (fever and throat pain/inflammation) rather than their root causes.



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Pranarom - AromaVita 6 - Cold & Cough

SKU: CA11926
  • Eucalyptus radiata (Narrow-leaf peppermint essential oil) (leaf) 30%,

    Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary essential oil) (herb top flowering) 20%,

    Melaleuca cajuputi (Cajuput essential oil) (leaf) 20%,

    Origanum majorana (Sweet marjoram essential oil) (herb top flowering) 20%.

    Non-medicinal ingredients: Eucalyptus dives essential oil

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