Pranarōm AROMAVITA are 100% pure and natural chemotyped essential oil blends, destined to be mixed with a Pranarōm vegetable oil of your choice and applied topically by gently massaging.

Pranarōm has developed these blends based on their knowledge of essential oils.


Pranarom's Aromavita 1 is the essential oil of choice for relieving cough and cold symptoms. A blend of tea tree and Narrow-leaf peppermint essential oils, Aromavita 1 is the perfect aromatherapy when you have a nasty cold or the flu.


Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Radiata essential oils are used in aromatherapy to help relieve the symptoms of the flu.


Most acute (non-chronic) health problems have an infectious component: we become victims to micro-invaders, who elude our defence mechanisms and create the conditions necessary for an infection to occur (pain and inflammation).

Though the initial diagnosis of an infection is relatively easy to notice, determining the nature of the causal agent can often prove difficult. Is it a virus? Bacteria? Yeast-form fungus? Or an opportunistic combination of all three?

Regardless of what the infection's cause is, essential oils can destroy it! There are certainly some differences in performance with regards to viruses and bacteria, but in general, an essential oil categorized as a "very good antimicrobial" will have a broad spectrum, often complete, action.


AROMAVITA 1 concentrates nature's antimicrobial agents into an essential oil.

  • Chinese cinnamon and Moroccan oregano have shown, in vitro, to destroy most pathogens at concentrations equal to those of synthetic antibiotics (between 20 and 500 parts per million (ppm).
  • Lemongrass, often neglected or reduced to the role of a calming oil, is one of nature's most incredible antimicrobial agents. In vitro, it ruthlessly destroys most pathogens at concentrations often below 0.25%. Specific in its role
  • Eucalyptus radiata is chosen for its role as an anti-viral. Along with its viral inhibition, it is commonly used for its immuno-stimulant action as it is anti-infective, meaning it prevents the onset of common microbial infiltration.
  • Finally, the Tea Tree provides antimicrobial benefits while stimulating the body's natural immune functions.

Another wonderful property of essential oils: they do not differentiate between bacteria, be they multi-resistant to synthetic drugs or not!

Pranarom - AromaVita 1

SKU: CA11932
  • Eucalyptus radiata (Narrow-leaf peppermint essential oil) (leaf) 40%, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree essential oil) 30%, Cymbopogon citratus (Lemongrass essential oil) (herb top) 19%, Origanum compactum (Moroccan essential oil) (herb top flowering) 10%. Non-medicinal ingredients: Cinnamomum cassia essential oil.

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