Organic Cold Pressed Apricot Kernels

"Softens and smoothes skin without a greasy feel. A natural anti-ageing care"


Extremely well tolerated by all, even babies or reactive skins this neutral-smelling vegetable oil is used alone or in combination with essential oils. A light, soothing and nurturing oil that supports delicate, inflamed and depleted skin.


Rich in gamma linolenic acid, Apricot Kernel oil promotes healthy, firm skin tone and balanced moisture. With high concentrations of linoleic and oleic fatty acids, it can soothe and soften dry, irritated and inflamed skin. Antioxidant: Tocophérol (natural vitamin E).


When to use:

  • The perfect carrier oil to mix with essential oils, with it's neutral scent, light weight and easy absorbtion.
  • Apricot Kernel oil penetrates deeply and is an ideal massage or body oil. 
  • Recommended to prepare the skin for the sun, or after the beach as it nourishes and promotes regeneration of the skin.
  • Used alone, it is an excellent night cream for a radiant complexion.
  • Replenishes and rejuvenates mature skin.



  • Has long been used by Chinese women to refine the texture of their skin.

Apricot Kernel

SKU: CA871
  • Skin Type: All skin

    Scent: Neutral - Very light

    Viscosity: Medium

    Color and Texture: Clear. Medium to fast absorption.

  • Oral use: 10 g (1 soup spoon) per day.
    Cosmetic use: for aromatic skin massage, with or without essential oils. Follow essential oil precautions.

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