As I write this, Australia continues to burn.

Since August 2019, over 16 million acres have burned. 2500+ building lost, including over 1300 homes, 25 people dead and upward of 500 million animals impacted...  It is clear that Australia has entered an immense crisis and there is no sign of it stopping! 

Pink donated US$500,000 to support local fire fighting authorities.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban donated $500,000 to the Rural Fire Services.

Ashleigh Barty pledged all of her prizemoney at the 2020 Brisbane International to the Red Cross bushfire appeal

Ashleigh also donated a significant amount to RSPCA Australia to care for animals

Celeste Barber launched a fundraising appeal that has raised over $35 million for the Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service.

A telethon conducted with the controversial Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks raised more than $2 million, meanwhile spending $6.5 million on fireworks. 

We are asking - where's the money to support THE PEOPLE? Here is it... or at least a little bit. We aim to help those in urgent need due to these fires. Your donation will go directly to those who don't speak up. Helping people who have lost everything and receiving nothing. 

Support Homeless Veterans


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So, from one foundation to another, we are raising money for this volunteer-run community. We aim to raise $300 before the end of the month (August) and ALL profits will be used to order replacement trolleys and baskets for the food club. Baskets cost $5, while trolley's cost $40 for a kiddy trolley and $115 for a larger one. 

EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS and your contribution will support the Food Basket to continue providing a wide range of ever-changing food items to help balance family budgets and keep pantry's full. THANK YOU!

Click the "I want to help" button now. 

Alternatively, you can pop down to the store yourself and hand your donation to the manager.


The Food Basket is a low-cost food club that supports families and individuals on low incomes by providing everyday food items and household staples well below retail prices. Located at 300  Kent Street, Maryborough, The Food Basket has had shopping baskets and trolley's taken and not returned by customers. Are you as shocked as we are? This causes a snowball effect as their profit margin is already extremely low, so to cover these costs would need to result in increased prices...


... and this benefits NOBODY! 

Seed of Life Restoration Project
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