- About Pranarōm -


The name "Pranarōm" has a double meaning


PRANA means "breath of life" (Indian version of the Chi). 
This breath is the start of all actions and decisions, it is essential energy. 


ARŌM comes from "aromatic". 
We refer to all plants from which we extract essential oils as aromatics.



Breath of life and overall health provided by essential oils, the quintessences of aromatic plants.



Looking to the future...


Pranarōm is a company with a brilliant future. With its rich family tradition, today Pranarōm can conclude exclusive sales partnerships with an increasing number of agents and employees throughout the world. Pranarōm's desire is to constantly bring in more talents and launch innovative products and field initiatives for a more harmonious life.

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Dominique BAUDOUX

Dominique Baudoux is a pharmacist as were his father and grandfather. In the 1980s, he was one of the first pharmacists in Belgium to focus on essential oils.


Fascinated and passionate since the beginning, Dominique Baudoux toured France and Belgium to give lectures and training to his peers, thus restoring essential oils to their rightful place in our pharmacies. Very soon in his career, he flew to Japan, Quebec and South Africa where keen aromatherapy practitioners were eager to know more about scientific aromatherapy.


Collected in his first bestseller "Aromathérapie – se soigner avec les huiles essentielles" (Aromatherapy – heal yourself with essential oils), these formulas will remain forever great classics of French aromatherapy. They also made Dominique Baudoux one of the most respected aromatologists in the world.


"An idea… almost a revelation, a mission… to bring a noble and justified place to aromatherapy, woke my determination to bring loud and clear a message where the origins are in associated biochemistry which is linked to the ancient history of man and plants.

A validated expertise, a measurable result, an incontestable credibility… what it would take to make scientific aromatherapy an evidence-based practice and to finally get essential oils into the arsenal of doctors, pharmacist, and into all households.  

Dominique Baudoux - pharmacist, author, founder of Pranarōm  

A Company 


Pranarōm was established 1991. The company was then made of 3 persons, selling 100% pure and natural chemotyped essential oils, a quality never reached before. Over the years, the small family business grew and started distributing its products through hundreds of stores. Even better, scientific aromatherapy strict principles were quickly adopted by aromatherapy practitioners in Asia and America.


Today, under the leadership of Dominique Baudoux and Sergio Calandri, Pranarōm is the world leader of the scientific aromatherapy. Its health and wellness products are sold in nearly 10,000 pharmacies and specialty stores. Still a human-sized company, Pranarōm is a dynamic business based on the talent of its many contributors, from the farmer to the pharmacist. Rooted in Nature, Pranarōm knows and respects the wonderful benefits of aromatic herbs and wants to share them with the world.

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10 Reasons WHY Pranarōm

1. Privileged, direct relationship with producers and distillers


Therapeutic and scientific aromatherapy, such as that offered by Pranarōm, can only be practiced with essential oils that have dependable and irreproachable quality. It is why Pranarōm has a hand in the testing of its products from the fields to the bottling of the oils.

They preferred investing considerable energy and time into having direct, trusted suppliers. This is non-negotiable so they can respect their ethical principles: by missing out on the middle man, Pranarōm can assure the producers have a respectable income, the product has an exceptional traceability, the botanical identification of the plant is correct, the respect for the right timing of the harvesting, the correct conditions and procedures for distilling are met, and the environment is supported and maintained.


2. All Pranarōm’s essential oils are:


-100% Pure: Extracted from one species of plant and from one producer.


-100% Natural: Not one modification is done on the natural composition of the plant (nothing added, rectified, or denatured)


-100% Integral: All the active molecules are extracted in a complete process of distillation.

Pranarom LeRemedy Le Remedy Distilation.

3. Quality guaranteed through rigorous testing


Physical: Analysis of the refraction, the rotation, measure of the density, calculation of the flashpoint, but also of the odour, the colour, and texture.


Chemical: Chromatography and testing.


Molecular: Each batch of essential oil is botanically and biochemically identified, then scientifically analysed by gas chromatography, to assure that the essential oil carries the molecules they are said to carry, and in the correct quantities.

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This testing has permitted Pranarōm to attain CTEO labelling, which is the ultimate guarantee of unsurpassed quality. 



4. Precision naming


Like wine, essential oils are never the same from year to year, or from one field to another.  They are subjected to variations in climate, sun exposure, composition of the soil, and to altitude.  These parameters have an important influence on the virtues and the conditions in which to utilize the essential oils. This is why Pranarōm establishes a clear chromatograph of each batch of essential oils, ensuring they have the right molecules in the right proportions, and they can clearly identify the correct chemotype, if required.


For example, rosemary has 3 different essential oils depending on where it is produced, even within the same species of rosemary.

  • Morocco  – the molecule of eucalyptol dominates 

  • Provence – the molecule of camphor dominates

  • Corsica     the molecule of verbenone dominates

All these molecules have very different beneficial properties for using on our bodies and in our homes. 


This is why Pranarōm find it important to clearly label their products, not only the name of the plant, but also its Latin name, part of the plant, and dominant chemotype.

5. All the important information is found on the label


The Latin name of the species of plant – it is the only labelling that doesn’t ever change, in any country or brand. For example, Ho Wood is often marketed as being able to replace the rare Rosewood, and therefore named ‘Exotic Rosewood’, but they are not the same species. Knowing the Latin name of the Ho Wood, Cinnamomum camphora CT Linalol, and the Latin name of Rosewood, Aniba rosaedora var. amazonica, will make sure this confusion does not arise.


The Chemotype (CT) -  When it is needed to distinguish the difference between the same species.


100% Pure and Natural - We can assure that nothing else is added, and that the oils are not manipulated to be synthetic in any way.


The part of the plant that is distilled - Bark, flowers, leaves. Each part of the plant can produce different molecules, which affect what the essential oil can be used for. 

The main composition - Information that gives precise indications on the properties of the essential oils, which will allow the correct usage of them.

6. A wide range of products in an ever-expanding range


Pranarōm has more than 200 100% pure and natural essential oils in its range, and 20 cold pressed virgin organic vegetable oils. Their experts explore the world in search of the most beautiful treasures, and work in close relations with their scientific experts. It’s how they discovered, nearly 2 years ago, Roha essential oil, unknown until then, with its unique relaxing virtues. Subjected to tests and scientific analysis, this oil has already been integrated in some of the products.



7. Power is in the knowing


Since the very beginning, Pranarōm has always favorited the transmission of its scientific knowledge to aromatherapy professionals, as well as to individuals worldwide. Hundreds of training modules are given each year in workshops and webinars, based at the Collège International d’Aromathérapie Dominique Baudoux (International College of Aromatherapy Dominique Baudoux).


The College courses are recognised as the most serious in the field. They are approved by official bodies that allow participants to obtain government funding or training aid. The free access to information that allows all users of these products to formulate their own mixes of essential oils is invaluable. This, as well as Pranarōm staff being invited to speak at scientific congresses, international universities, and conferences all over the world, anchor them as leaders of scientific aromatherapy.

8. Research and development:  A priority


Faithful in their quest to give essential oils the place that is owed to them, Pranarōm invests greatly in research and development. The domain of aromatherapy seems infinite: new aromatic plants are discovered, molecules that were ignored being researched, larger uses for them than we thought possible, in areas we couldn’t even have imagined, all being brought to the forefront. Working in a close relationship with the academic world and private laboratories on an international scale, the scientists at Pranarōm establish chromatographs, explore all risks and toxicity of each product, develop new products, and construct files to allow the wider public to access the world of aromatherapy. Their studies are published to allow an access to knowledge in the service of the public.

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9. Organic or Wild Materials


Pranarōm supports organic farming because it is the best for our bodies, our homes, our environment, and our planet. Each time that it is possible, Pranarōm formulates its products using organic or wild materials that have met the strict standards of Certisys, the organic certifying agency in Belgium.    

10. Preservation and protection of the plant world


Demand for essential oils increase every year, which allows the preservation of certain plants that are suddenly valorized. This opens equally the door to risks of exploitation of certain crops. Conscious of the impact that a business of this magnitude can have on the environment, Pranarōm makes sure to protect the species, especially the ones that are threatened, by imposing and respecting strict guidelines. For example, Rosewood oil (a threatened species) no longer comes from the bark of the tree, but from the leaves in controlled plantations instead of the Amazon forests. This is where direct involvement in the production of the essential oils becomes important. Pranarōm also value the development and support of businesses like ‘Grain de Vie’ (Seed of Life) who re-plant millions of trees and plants that are endangered in Madagascar.

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