We are two women with a vision of a healthier world!

Starting in 2017 with only personal funding, our passion for health and toxic-free living encouraged us to collaborate together and begin a journey of bringing amazing products to Australia that are not yet offered here. Sharing our passion for quality products, which we would love to see more of, we began a global search for "the best!" and are continually searching for other superior products that we can introduce to Australia.

We are passionate about health, both physical and mental, and we love sharing our knowledge with those who are looking to improve their health and wellbeing.


Whether you're a student, office worker, stressed-out parent, retired or suffer from pain 0r sickness... OR, whether you are simply curious about what 100% pure natural products can do for you, ​we are bound to have something that you need. 

Le Remedy Foundation operates privately as a not-for-profit unincorporated association, providing philanthropic community-based services and is established to foster and support local communities and across the globe.

We are driven by pride, not profit!

This is a passion, not a profession!


Our primary purpose and objectives are to support other communities, charities, projects, and events, while spreading education and information about health and natural remedies. 


We are committed to our purpose and our associates, for, without them, we can not provide such amazing products and support to the people and land of Australia. 

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Maite Kervella is a loving mother of two, who was driven from the beginning of her parenting journey to have the most chemically reduced environment possible for her children. This led her to explore healing with natural remedies.   She lived in France for 10 years where she gained her certification as a registered Bach Flower Practitioner in 2013 and studied the French school of Aromatherapy.

Learning in France, where aromatherapy started, has allowed her to confidently use Essential oils, and teach others how to use them, to greatly reduce dependency on chemicals and create a safe and healthy environment.

Practitioner PIN: FRP-2013-0321Kz